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  • Gender: Male
  • Neutered: Yes
  • Age: 01.08.16
  • Breed: Labrador Mix
  • Vaccinated: Yes
  • Size: small
  • Breed Labrador mix
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THAI, Male, Shelter since 19.02.19

Podenco Mix, DOB 01.08.16 – 40 cm


Meet Thai. He is just a small Podenco mix, 5 years old, who struggles to build courage around humans. He loves to be around other dogs, that is where he is most comfortable. He arrived at the shelter in February 2019 and has been here ever since. When you see him, he will run away and bark, but some days he feels strong enough to have courage and enjoy some attention from humans. We would really like to find a special home for Thai, where he is understood and given lots of patience, preferably a home with other dogs too. If you would like to meet Thai or find out more



Adoption Rules
  • Not to give up or leave unattended the animal without previously notifying APASA, if for some reason, they can no longer care for or maintain the animal.
  • To give shelter and meet the needs of the animal according to the guidelines of APASA.
  • To maintain veterinary treatment for illness or injury.
  • Not to use the animal for breeding.
  • To sterilize the animal, if not already carried out, unless advised by the veterinary that it would be harmful to the animal.
  • To ensure that the name, address and/or telephone number are properly displayed on the collar or tag of the dog for identification and to insert the Microchip, in accordance to the law.
  • To notify Police and APASA if the animal is lost or disappears, if possible within the first 24 hours.
  • To permit an authorized member of APASA, to visit the animal in his/her new home to check that the animal has adapted to the family, when APASA considers such a visit necessary.
  • To take the animal for regular walks and not to have it chained unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • To have read and to commit himself / herself to fulfil the conditions of this adoption as specified in this contract.
  • The new owner has the right to bring the animal back and reclaim the money paid for the animal within 10 days after the adoption – always when the Microchip has not been issued in the new owners´ name.
  • Included in the adoption fee are: 2 vaccinations for puppies and the rabies vaccination, or the annual rabies vaccination – and a blood analysis (if not already provided), the Microchip and the European passport. Also included is a free consultation with the veterinarian of APASA within the first 10 days after the date of adoption.