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How it all began

APASA was founded in 1999 by a group of various nationalities, Spanish, English, German and Swiss, with the aim of rescuing those animals that were evidently abandoned or ill-treated or lost. The Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) allocated land for this purpose and there were 23 dogs in 4 kennel areas of 3 x 4 metres square.

We give dogs a new home

Most communities in Spain maintain a “perrera”, a dog Shelter, where strays, homeless ill-treated or merely lost dogs and cats can be cared for. There are rumours that if the animal is not claimed in 21 days, it is sacrificed. In APASA this NEVER happens.

Our raison d’être, our goal, is to find every dog an appropriate new home. At the end of 2019 we had 138 residents. Click on Dogs for Adoption to find a suitable one for you. We always have several Podencos, which the locals use as hunting dogs and are very often ill-treated or abandoned. They make wonderful loyal pets.

Meet our Board Members

President Monika Straetz


Monika Straetz

Treasurer Thomas Claudius Binder


Thomas Claudius Binder

Vice President Uta Ball

(Vice President)

Uta Ball

Secretary Teresa Döring Krebser


Teresa Döring Krebser

Contact us.

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APASA Animal Welfare Association
27 Cami De Les Sorts, 03730 Xabia, Comunidad Valenciana


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