We have dogs. (Do you want one?)

This dog really loves to meet you. Visit our dog shelter in Jávea. Become a member or sponsor. Walk a dog.
Meet Kimbo, your new best friend

Dog Shelter Javea – adopt a dog today

We have brown dogs and yellow dogs, and also gold, black and white dogs. Any color you like.
We have male and female dogs, We have young dogs, old dogs and not so old dogs.
We have dogs of any size and breed and some really nice mixes too.

We have the perfect dog for you

We have spanish dogs, british dogs, german dogs and even mexican dogs. We have dogs from all around the world. We have lazy dogs, sporting dogs, home & outdoor dogs. We have friendly dogs!
Our dogs can’t wait to give you as much love as you can stand. Can you resist?

Walk a dog. Foster a dog. Adopt a dog. Enrich your life.

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Clean, friendly, helpful staff. The dogs are all cared for.


Absolutely love Apasa and the dogs that reside there waiting for their forever homes. They are well looked after and cared for, like the kennels are an extension of the workers own homes with their own dogs. The dogs are friendly and you can come and walk them anytime during their opening hours.

Stephanie Cooper

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