Sponsorship & Members

Help us now!

We largely depend on your support. Since 1999 over 11000 dogs entered the Shelter, of which  returned to their owners and about 5700 were adopted. The Town Hall, the Ayuntamiento, provides us with some financial support.

How can you help?

  • Become a member of APASA for an annual fee of 30€
  • Sponsor a dog for a monthly fee of 25€
  • Foster a dog in your home, with the costs covered by APASA
  • Adopt a dog on a permanent basis Donations


Animal food is always welcome but must be those types that we know are suitable.

  • The yellow is our basic mixed with some of the orange
  • Tinned foods are good except Tandy
  • The rice we use is that for humans and we add olive oil
  • For financial donations please ask our advice.

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