How it all began

APASA was founded in 1999 by a group of various nationalities, Spanish, English, German and Swiss, with the aim of rescuing those animals that were evidently abandoned or ill-treated or lost. The Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) allocated land for this purpose and there were 23 dogs in 4 kennel areas of 3 x 4 metres square.

Helping hands

We rely greatly on volunteers, working in the shelter, walking dogs and at our many fund-raising events.

To help finance APASA

We organise events such as Fashion Shows, Quiz Nights, Dog Walks and trips such as shopping to IKEA and 5 nights in Asturias. Visit our Fundraising Events page for more info.

The board

The board actually consists of 9 members from 4 countries:

The board

Back row from right to left:
Mandy Conway, President
Ian Woolsey, Treasurer
Susan Bultitude, Secretary
Monika Straetz, Vice President
Thomas Binder, Vocal
Front row from right to left:
Uta Ball, Vocal
Teresa Döring, Vocal
Sue Parsons, Vocal
José Luis Genovès Garcia, Vocal and vet


The Shelter
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